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Criminal Defense

A former criminal prosecutor, attorney Ginny Conley of Conley Law Office, PLLC provides experienced criminal defense representation in all types of felonies and misdemeanors. Ginny and her staff have handled cases from traffic tickets to murder effectively and efficiently. A full and frank evaluation by these attorneys will let you know where you stand

Drunk Driving and Driving While Impaired

When stopped by police under suspicion of driving under the influence, you may be required to take a chemical test of your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Having a (BAC) of .08 or more is per se intoxication, without requiring any proof of impairment. Even if your BAC is below .08, you can still be arrested for DUI if the police observe signs of driving while impaired, such as weaving in and out of traffic. The penalties for DUI conviction, even for a first offense, can be quite severe.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation

A DUI/DWI conviction can be damaging in many other ways as well. A DUI can prevent you from getting certain jobs, and it can damage your reputation in the community and often lead to troubles at home. Fortunately, there is help available. There are several ways to defend against a DUI charge, including challenging the propriety of the initial stop, the officer’s observations, the accuracy of the testing equipment, and various police and prosecutorial procedures involved.

Ginny Conley understands what is required for a conviction and which strategies and defenses are most appropriate to a given situation. She also knows when a plea is the better option, and what types of alternative sentencing and treatment programs may be available. We analyze your situation and give you sound, professional advice, providing you with the tools and information you need to make the best decision on how you want to handle your case. Whether facing trial and seeking an acquittal or entering a plea negotiations, our firm will provide you with strong, effective representation with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome. If you have been arrested for DUI or charged with any felony or misdemeanor contact Conley Law Office, PLLC for immediate assistance.